Friday, November 26, 2010

Klutter King

So, after spending my day off cleaning out closets and drawers, I have come to a conclusion; Our family is in need of an intervention. Now, far be it for me to piss on the dreams of others, or even myself for that matter. On the other hand, wouldn't it be great if there was some impartial 3rd party that could come into your house, go through all of your stuff, and pull out everything that is crap? Then they could sit you down and force you to face the facts.

"Travis, it's great to have goals, but I have some news for you...You are never going to be a professional Matador. So, I think we can both agree that it's safe to put this cape and sword on ebay."

We buy all of this junk that we don't need just because we have this image of who we want to be rather than who we are. This is sad, people. And it only worsens as the years go by and we've held onto this junk. Then God forbid someone suggest that you get rid of the stuff, because then you get all defensive about it and it amps up the importance.

"Hell no, you can not throw out my beeswax soap making kit! I'm gonna make my own soap someday, dammit!"

Why can't we just be honest with ourselves? We don't have enough time in the day to do all the laundry, so, how the hell are we going to set aside time to learn the fine art of wood carving? Yet, there they are, at the back of the drawer. Not one, but two, yes TWO wood carving kits, complete with the wood burning iron. Because apparently after you carve your little wooden figurines, you would want to burn something into them, who knows. Anyway, I tried to put them in the garage sale pile and the idea was quickly shot down. "Just think of the money we'll save when we can give wooden handmade gifts to all of our family!" I just stare. "Wouldn't it be better just to give everyone in the family these wacky unused gifts?"

All of this is more than you cared to know I'm sure, but was just the explanation you'll need. In a month when you find yourself at my house, opening up a box, and it's a perfectly brand new never-been-used rock tumbling kit, you'll know why.

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